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The “Veterans” Grift, Annexation, Mike Carter’s Legacy & Metro Gov

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Pattern: Find or create the problem, present a solution, never fix problem, always ask for more money.

The Players: Mayor Tim Kelly, Mayor Weston Wamp, Sen Bo Watson (and their puppet masters)

The Goal: Metro gov, forced annexation (again), Greed & power. The frog in the pot plan.

The Grift:

Claim a problem exists (or create it) using  “Veterans homelessness” as the Trojan horse to bus people into Chattanooga (really Hamilton County rural areas under the Obama HUD 'fair housing' plan 2.0). The land in this case is owned by the Hamilton County government, so it’s in on the plan. The McDonald Farm is owned by Hamilton County government and NOT the City of Chattanooga. The Urban Growth plan laws require any annexation of land today be CONTIGUOUS with the existing city and can be brought in ”voluntarily” by the land owner or by referendum (vote by the affected community). The problem is that the McDonald Farm is owned by Hamilton County and it is not contiguous to any City of Chattanooga boundaries, so it appears city leaders (and likely a few county leaders, too) are crafting a scheme to get it into the City of Chattanooga, coincidentally aligned with their earlier 2000 goal of Metro Government.

Step 1: Find a group from Atlanta to setup shop next in/next to McDonald Farm, using your taxpayer money. The IRS 990s show they do not have the finances to self-support this grift, so someone is paying for it. Previous Report - "The Grift" with information on this organization, leadership, finances and statements on the Homeless Veterans issue in Hamilton County Step 2: Have this group volunteer to come into City of Chattanooga voluntarily to be annexed, oops this won’t work because it’s NOT CONTIGUOUS. This is where Sen Watson comes in with this SB0075 BILL that didn’t pass and would not be withdrawn last time that allows for islands of annexation away from urban growth boundaries, so he rolled it to January of 2024 to try to SLIDE IT through. Still crafty words not to keep the boundaries contiguous. Let Bo know what you think of his bill. The City of Cleveland jumped the gun on this bill thinking it was in last session and announced a plan to jump out of their growth boundaries violation the law, but oops. There was no bill passed that let them do this (yet). Their bad, but they showed their hand.

Step 3: Bo gets his broken bill through and now this “cutout” Atlanta company gets to be annexed into the City of Chattanooga. Now it’s an anchor for McDonald Farm to bring it into the City of Chattanooga. This is not new; we have seen this pattern before in Ooltewah where former Chattanooga Mayor Littlefield used a liquor store to justify annexing into Ooltewah. The owner and Littlefield worked together to force annexation into Ooltewah showing they annexed an Interstate, which was not legal, but pre-dated Mike Carter and the Ooltewah annexation could have always been challenged by Miller Industries as the lynchpin into Ooltewah, which would have reverted all of Ooltewah back to the County.

Step 4:  the frog in the pot. Now you have broken contiguous growth plans, now spot-annexation starts happening all over the county (we’ve seen it before in the 90s with Birchwood Dump and other places). It becomes a sea of non-contiguous annexations and here is how the narrative goes. Then the City of Chattanooga (and the county mayor and commissioners) will cite the need to clean up all this “broken” annexation – which THEY broke in the first place! Remember, “create a problem then come up with a solution,” so cities around the state will call for the need to change the laws on annexation to bring everything in alignment through referendum, removing residential voting on annexation, hence the Metro government play. Wiping out Rep. Mike Carter’s legacy and our INHERENT Private Property Rights in Tennessee. Remember this is all part of the Agenda 21/ Agenda 2030 /America 2050 and Thrive 2055 plan. They even spell out the areas and how they want to control the land and push everyone into MASS DENSITY Housing. As World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schaub says, “You will own nothing and be happy!” You may have also noticed how the City of Chattanooga, the Regional Planning Authority and our clueless Hamilton County Commission has been pushing tons of apartments to the edge of city limits or (now the McDonald Farm). This is intentional to WIPE out the rural votes on the people who own the farms/single family homes, etc. It’s all documented. Most Hamilton County citizens would not know this play/plan, but the groups who have worked on private property rights, annexation, and urban growth boundaries in the state of Tennessee for the last 20 years see exactly what is at play. To accomplish their goals, they need fascism! Piedmont Atlantic Region Megaregions Map University of Pennsylvania

(click map to view more) Action:

Only YOU can stop this plan. There are other “grifts” in progress to be exposed later, but first is killing Sen. Bo Watson’s SB00075 bill and then watching this session for other TML (Tennessee Municipal League) bills around annexation, growth boundaries, etc. Sen Page Walley in West Tennessee, Rep. William Lamberth (Lee’s proxy) and the new Senator Adam Lowe from Cleveland are not friends of the Tennessee property owners or your Constitutional Rights. BEWARE!

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