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Agenda 21 and Urban Growth Plan: Conspiracy, Coincidence or Reality?

As we started the Friends of Hamilton (FOH) effort to incorporate the City of Hamilton for maintaining our quality of life with local planning instead of forced annexation and metro government, most of us had never heard of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 was brought to our attention by a number of local residents as a UN effort driven at the local level (that’s right the United Nation) to dissolve and control 5th Amendment private property rights granted by the US Constitution to US Citizens. Agenda 21 attempts dissolves property rights and increases government control of private property. At first glance, we didn’t give it much thought, but after further research our opinion has changed.

Please review the following information/timeline and judge for yourself.June 1992UN Adopts Agenda 21 at Rio de Janerio Event 21 terms also include Sustainable Growth, Office of Sustainability, etc.

The following link is a video analysis on Agenda 21 and local communities. 1996Istanbul Turkey – Chattanooga Wins “Best Practices” for implementation of Habitat II and Agenda 21 Programs foot note from former Chattanooga Mayor Gene Roberts about Agenda 21 1998State of TN Passed – Urban Growth Plan – PC 1101 joining the union in 1870 (128 years) property rights were in the hands of the citizens of TN until this bill was adopted. It allowed for forced annexation with little regard to property rights.

The following is the TN Attorney Generals  clarification on items in PC1101 around annexation, etc. 2001Urban Growth Plan goes into effect in TNFeb 2003City of Chattanooga starts forced annexation of Commercial Property in Ooltewah, TNJan 2009Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield starts Office of Sustainability

What options are available to restore rights to the citizens? The residents of TN need to lobby 90 non-metro state representatives to repeal the Urban Growth Plan and restore citizen’s rights or grossly cripple the Urban Growth Plan with amendments.

Advocates supporting the Urban Growth Plan and will fight any changes:Metro Government Representatives(Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Johnson Cities (Tri-Cities) & Chattanooga)MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service) Municipal League

Supporters who could repeal or modify the urban growth plan:Rural Government RepresentativesApprox. 90+ counties in the State of TN with rural representatives who understand constitutional rights.County Technical Assistance Program

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