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Updated: Jan 16

We have a few questions for the Hamilton County Election Commission and their gate keepers Senator Bo Watson (TN-11) & Sen. Todd Gardenhire who continually defend and finance the FRAUDED election machines.

  • Why did you move from the frauded Dominion tabulators (Williamson County / Tennessee Secretary of State) to the more frauded ES&S without public hearing/debate or a VOTE by the public?

  • Why do you keep lying to the public the machines are SAFE when in fact you know they are black boxes and the vendors won’t let you see the source code, chipset, etc all hidden under NDA agreements.

  • Why is the Chair of the Election Commission Mike Waldon – Bo’s nominee to run the election commission the same guy that frauded Tennessee Walking Horse Competition being banned for 2 years and $10,000 fine ( ) still in charge of the election commission? Does this sound ethical or moral?

  • Why are there 3 signed affidavits that Administrator Scott Allen broke the chain of custody on tabulator memory cards during the 2022 election taking the memory cards from machines and going by himself behind close doors with no witnesses or cameras?

  • Why were all the cameras, key cards, router logs, memory cards wiped days after the election violating multiple state laws on retention of data and the Hamilton County Election Commission subjugating thier state require RESPONSIBILITY of ALL election activities to the Hamilton County IT Department all discovered under Open Records request?

Why did you delete all HCEC Twitter post violating state Sunshine laws and public records acts to cover up violations by the HCEC on reporting and meeting notices as perscribed in state law? This is a criminal act and charges should be brought.

Reviewing the evidence, to run an election grift (for years), you need a group of co-conspirators or a group of “useful idiots” to quote Marx to pull off the fraud. Think the public is starting to see the players.

The question is who has the motive, means and opportunity to help multiple number 3 candidates jump to number one (flipping votes) but using the false flag of democrat crossovers or the fact 20,000 invalid voters are still on HCEC registrations (confimed) but HCEC "not to be deleted" until after Nov 2024 elections, or the same sets of "crossover" voters being used again and again and tracked over multiple years of elections flipping back and forth Republican/Democrat.

This list maybe posted shortly because some have been canvased already and confirm they didn't vote and others would be violating state laws spoiling the elections and charges could be brought.

This brings us to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office - TN, the ultimate law enforcement officers to ensure free and fair elections in the county.

There is enough evidence above to warrant an investigation, resignations of officials and removal of these machines to paper ballots just on fact of public safety. There are also a number of Constitutional grounds relating to two tiered election systems, private acts and much more.

Here is what you get with NO MACHINES!

  • Stopping FRAUD of 1000s of votes ( you’ll notice someone dumping 1000s of paper ballots, unlike a database flip)

  • No security updates, no patches, no “misconfigurations”, no “misaligned” scanners/readers, no printed fake ballots and on and on

  • No hiding transparency to source code, chip set, communications devices ( wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, undocumented comms), No Chinese built machines, NDA agreements with vendors (and kickbacks)

  • No FAKE Certifications (shiny turds) polishing the outside of machines by Judges while they have NO CLUE to what the machines is doing inside. There are 20 ways til Tuesday to fraud with machines.


Here what you get with American voting for 200+ years.

  • A box

  • A piece of paper

  • Lots of observers

  • Free and transparent elections ( no Blackmagic boxes )

  • All counted and tabulated in one evening

YOUR TASK! ASK all our elected officials why they still DEFEND the voting machines. Why are they not demanding they all be removed throughout the state.

If they still defend them, then you know the players to the GRIFT and need to get them out of office ASAP! SELECTION vs ELECTION!

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