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Updated: Jan 16


Hamilton County Election Commission. acts were first questionable, but now it's a 100% clear it's intentional and malicious acts by the people running the election commission.

What have they done ILLEGAL?

  • Deleting memory card, router logs, video evidence and more right after elections instead of retaining the information as required by law. (see attached emails)

  • Terminating the their Twitter page and deleting OFFICIAL citizens post violating State Sunshine laws and others. See attached original twitter page and tweet with community comments. It's also reported they were hiding citizens post ontop of turning off complete page. After they did this they then put up a notice they disabled comments on Facebook page. Destroy evidence the coverup after the fact. BUSTED! (see attached evidence)

  • Disabling comments on public pages ( feedback from citizens ) (see evidence)

  • Deleting ALL public recordings of meeting meetings under sunshine law like School Board, County Commission Meetings and other government groups. (evidence of original audio meetings, now all deleted and scrubbed minutes put on the internet - violation of Sunshine laws.

  • Public meeting announcement violations under Sunshine laws with 7 days notice. This week busted sending out email on upcoming meeting to a closed list and not publishing on their web page or other social media to alert the public. Intentional violation.

  • Arbitrary changes to the Hamilton County Election policies every time they get caught violating the law. Screen shots with date/time and historical data evidence.

Changing historical date periods to shorten campaign time for new candidates entering office. This is intentional to keep certain individuals in power.

This is getting so BAD if the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office - TN office does not open an investigation into the HCEC the community will need to get the FBI Election Integrity group in Washington, DC involved in Hamilton County Government investigations.

More evidence coming on distruction of video, router logs, etc.


VIOLATION - Deleted the Hamilton County TN Election Commission Twitter page which is public record.

Earlier Page with Post & Citizen Comments available in the Wayback Machine.

After they did all the censorship on public record they then put up this disclaimer disabling comments on social media after the fact with NO PUBLIC input.

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