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FOH Opinion on Urban Growth Plan Defeat

The good news, the attempt to reopen the Urban Growth Plan is defeated in 12-5 vote. This is a short term victory for residents of the unincorporated area of Hamilton County. The Friends of Hamilton (FOH) community group recognizes additional challenges still remain for residents in North Hamilton County. Here is why, the victory tonight is specific to Chattanooga’s request to open the plan, however other cities in the area have the right to reopen the growth plan (Collegedale, Ridgeside, etc) so it can be reopened again and again.

Additionally, this does not restrict the City of Cleveland from moving forward with their plans to annex to the county line. If Cleveland reaches the Hamilton/Bradley county line, any future efforts to incorporate Hamilton may no longer be available due to the 3 mile boundary from an existing city and population requirement for 1500 residents. The City of Chattanooga is likely to reopen the plan in the future with a new mayor, city council or different county government. We need to invest in our local community and not become beholden to another city. FOH promotes a citizen run government, term limits and low infrastructure while maintaining the quality of life we have come to enjoy.

FOH does NOT support the agenda 21 UN initiative and strongly believes in private property provisions defined in the US Constitution and our democratic process to vote. We also believe citizens need to be active participants in their government in order to maintain our constitutional liberties.

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