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OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (March 5)-Friends of Hamilton will hold a public meeting Tuesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. at Birchwood Elementary School, 5623 Highway 60 in Birchwood, to discuss its service plan for the new city of Hamilton.

The meeting will give area residents an opportunity to review the plan, ask questions and provide feedback.

“This meeting will fulfill another one of the state requirements for incorporation,” said Chris Matthews, Friends of Hamilton president. “It will also help us confirm the level of public support we have. Most importantly, it will enable us to share details of our service plan and budget, which is based on work a lot of people have done with service providers like the Sheriff’s office and the Highway 58 Fire Department, to name  a few.”

Friends of Hamilton is a non-profit organization working to create the model city of Hamilton, which can better represent the views of local residents while offering limited infrastructure services. Our objective is to increase the quality of life, keep property taxes low and streamline government operations.

Residents who wish to find out more about the plan prior to the meeting can visit The service plan is listed under the “Petition” page.

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