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Soddy Daisy, China CCP Land Acquisitions & Southern Border

Updated: Jul 10

The list has also been turned over to members of DHS for investigations for national security threats and/or ties to CCP. People on this list have already been identified with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

What kind of leaders do we have in our community?

We have some serious questions for Gene-O Shipley, as former mayor of Soddy Daisy and current District 1 Commissioner, as his district is being heavily targeted. The same person involved in a TBI/FBI investigation years ago, supports implementing CCP-style tracking cameras and firing the police chief when they start investigating the relations in the incident.

We would like to know if Gene-o is compromised and a CI asset for an agency?

The Soddy TBI investigations need to be made public along with others like the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office - TN. Austin Garrett's campaign manager was involved in $18,000 of missing campaign funds in Larry Grohn's previous campaign. Larry was cleared by TBI, but not campaign manager. That investigation just disappeared, like Collegedale TBI Tickets for Tax investigation.

Side note - the same campaign manager's wife is now the Secretary of State Hargett's Chief of Staff.

Was there a coverup of grand larceny?

Let's see if we can get a judge to unseal those TBI reports for the public interest!

It's time to stop the TBI from keeping these records private indefinitely to the public. This is NOT REPRESENTATIVE Government and public oversight into corruption.

There is a virtual rolodex of compromised assets (CIs) used to do the bidding of outside interests - not our own residents/citizens - on policies and corrupt activities.

I seem to recall a revolution that got started due to taxation without representation. This apparent corruption seems to go a lot further than taxation.

Local Soddy Group voices concerns .

DEEP DIVE INTO PROPERTIES Walton Group Drop 1: The first drop in series of buyers background in Soddy Daisy, TN from The Walton Tennessee, LLC.

All appear to be NON-US Citizens with a number of questionable ties/backgrounds and more.

This has been run through AI systems pulling in their information and more is being shared with DHS and legislative officials they need to GET THEIR CRAP together! This company should be registered as a foreign agent working into the United States.

How many other locations across Tennessee are under attack?

Remember 100K Chinese Nationals have crossed the Southern Border ( confirmed ). CBP tell us it's really 200K. Is this how they are getting land in Tennessee flying under the radar with quit claim deeds? Mark Gravitt - Register of Deeds doesn't seem to be concerned about foreign nationals purchasing land illegally in Tennessee or people on the US National Denied Parties List acquiring land. Deeds Page 1 of 2 public records

Deeds Page 2 of 2 public records

AI Research on the identities of the buyers (deed transfers)

More to come..

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