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CALL TO ACTION: POOP Factory County Commission Voting on 2.6MM Wed

The Hamilton County Commission will VOTE Wed Morning 10/3/18 at 9am on RESOLUTION to purchase the land for 2.6MM in Ooltewah on Savannah & Wolfteaver Creek Marsh/Wildlife area. We need everyone to call/email the Country Commissioners and REQUEST they vote NO on resolution until WWTA finds NEW Location on the TN River.

Also, please ATTEND the meeting at the County Commission Chamber downtown Country Court House.

Res. No. 1018-14

A Resolution approving an Interlocal Agreement between the Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority and Hamilton County relative to the purchase of property for the North Ooltewah Treatment Facility from bond proceeds.

Hamilton Commissioner Email/Phone:

Randy Fairbanks – District 1 – Chip Baker – District 2 – Greg Martin – District 3 – Warren Mackey – District 4 – Katherlyn Geter – District 5 – David Sharpe – District 6 – Sabrena Smedley – District 7 – Tim Boyd – District 8 – Chester Bankston – District 9 –

Phone for everyone: (423)209-7200

Stay up to date on Website, Facebook, Twitter:

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