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The following is a link to the full Dominion Contract for the Hamilton County Election Commission. The Dominon machines had issues in Williamson County, TN and the Secretary of State gave Chairmen of the Hamilton County Election Commission the ability to remove them before the 2022 election cycle, but he told him NO and let them run through the next three elections before replacing with ES&S machines without public input! We are working to get the ES&S contract, which we think will be close to the Dominion contract. As you can see in this contract the Hamilton County Election Commission CANNOT guarantee the integrity of the voting machines. They do not have access to the source code, hardware, etc.

There are 20 ways til Tuesday to fraud these election machines and anyone telling you otherwise is lying and does not know what they are talking about. Case after case is coming out in court on the level of compromise in these machines. Even TECH country of Tiawan does not use these machines, but ONLY paper because they know these China made machines can be frauded. View FULL Hamilton County Election Commission Dominion Contract READ FULL DOMINION CONTRACT

Read Exibit B, this is closed source and no one knows what it's doing. Unlike Open Source where everything is transparent. Why would ANYONE turn over their most cherished FREEDOM, the right to pick your leaders to a BLACK BOX where NO ONE has visibility into it's activities. READ FULL DOMINION OWNERS MANUAL ELECTIONS TAIWAN RECENT ELECTION (PAPER ONLY) All in One Day: PARTIES Now that we know the GOP has been secretly meeting with the Chinese Communist Party, anything is possible! GOP Meeting with the CCP:   BALLOTS The second question people have to ask is why have GOP/Uniparty structured the laws totally preventing citizens from doing hand counts of ballots. In the 2022 election there were two contested elections in Hamilton County that went up to the TNGOP SEC ( State Executive Committee ) where they have to vote to allow the ballots to be hand counted based on the candidates contest. These SEC meetings were a total cluster and fix was in by the State Executive Committee Chair. A number of people were busted violating state law lobbying behind the scenes. In the state of TN only the parties or an INDEPENDENT on the General election can request a hand recount. If a parties SELECTED candidate wins then no way with the same party allow citizens to contest the election and demand a hand recount it breaks their SELECTION process. If you are using the machines to manipulate the votes ( flip the votes - Hammer / Scorecard ) then as the party you NEVER want a hand recount of the ballots because it will expose your fraud. You adjust the law with your SELECTED picks to prevent future challenges. The next question is how long has the fraud been occuring in Tennessee. We estimate 15 years at a min in Hamilton County, business as usual.

PROVISIONAL BALLOTS There were multiple eyewitness accounts of ballots being damaged when opening package which create provisional ballots. A request was made to inspect the provisional ballots but where denied without a court order from email below. The numbers they claim of provisional ballots do not match eye witness accounts.

Cheating with Machines (documented) These are a few of the tactics used to cheat with the machines and more coming out with each new court case like Georgia where evidence is now coming onto public record.

  • Real time printing of ballots with barcodes slightly off for a party which when scanned cause machines to push ballots into adjudication.

  • Adjudication - A process where a person can resubmit the ballot with your original vote or a new vote

  • Weighting ballots - this is the process of configuring the machines to weight candidates with different values. One candidate gets 1 and another candidate gets .75. This is done in countries like India where they have a Caste System, but ILLEGAL in the United States

  • Flipping votes - this is the process of shaving votes from one candidate and re-allocating them to another candidate at the tabulator. This is a configuration option.

  • Invalid voters - allowing people to reuse voters that should be purged from the system and sitting their idle awaiting for their records to be activated for an election and deactivated after an election. This is the reason you would keep 20,000 voters on the ballots and/or push the narrative Democrat/Republican cross over so you can hide the act of flipping votes would be quickly uncovered with a hand recount.

  • many more ways to cheat.

The machines have a number of technologies to see what happened like ballot images, Cast Voter Records (CVRs), etc.. The Hamilton County Election Commission keeps the images turned off so you can't go back and review, however the machines were caught in other races keeping template images around and re-running the image with different FAKE voters and modifying the database behind the scenes and cleaning itself up after. It was caught because it was caught and imaged before the data was deleted to show the fixing of votes.

For weeks the Hamilton County Election Commission said all their machines do not provide CVRs until Cause for America showed LIVE how the CVRs are fetched from the machines. Now they were busted and started sending CVRs to everyone that were requested, but there are still ways to cheat with the machines. Certification of Voting Machines

If you were an elected official who is TRULY CONCERNED about the integrity of the election and the election process. You would ditch these machines in a heartbeat. We have seen them used again and again across the world to flip the CITIZENS VOTE for a selected vote. You have to ask yourself in countries like Brazil and Guatemala why is our CIA planes flying (MonkeyWerx) to these countries before the elections and leaving right after the elections and the communist totalitarian candidates were selected over the peoples choice all using machines. Brazil rioted for MONTHS over the frauded election by a criminal convict put into power by the machines.

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