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Updated: Jan 18

The integrity of our elections are the highest priority in America. If we cannot ensure FREE and FAIR elections then the entire systems breaks down into corruption. This drives everything from school board, county commissioners, tax assessors, registrar, mayors, council members, DA, sheriff, city council and many more obscure positions. If the system is corrupted it's hard to right the corruption as they start changing and aligning policies to protect the corruption. See laws on hand recounts.

As part of the protection of the ballot the ability to go back and review issues that come up during an election are imperative to be impartial and transparent. These are both NEGATIVES if you want to CHEAT an election. This brings us to the camera systems and Hamilton County Election Commission and how they are violating multiple State & Federal laws.

  • The camera system is the RESPONSIBILITY of the Election Commission, NOT the Hamilton County IT Department.

  • The State has a requirement for retention of evidence for any election, this includes cameras logs, CVRs, etc. anything to AUDIT/VERIFY the integrity and chain of custody of the materials, memory cards, ballot boxes, etc.

  • The Federal Laws are even more restrictive with a 22 Month requirement to keep all this on file.

This brings us to the MASSIVE ISSUES with the Hamilton County Election Commission. Another area the Hamilton County Sheriff & Tennessee Secretary of State need to investigate/penalties.

The 2022 Election had multiple contested elections that went to the HCGOP State Executive Committee that require lots of open records request, data analysis and more as part of the investigation process inside very short time windows.

The Hamilton County Election commission knew of the challenges, but yet DID NOT SECURE the evidence! Every election requires this level of security and future elections they have been receiving Preservation of Evidence Request just in case of legal actions.

As you can see from the internal emails, they DID NOT do their job and DID NOT satisfy both STATE and FEDERAL requirements. Additional charges both local and federal should apply to correct these acts in the future. Maybe file a claim against their BOND!



The cameras, keycard access, etc would fall under multiple categories. Election Data Retention Schedule



Federal Law Constraints on Post-Election “Audits”

It is the Hamilton County Election Commissions responsibility to provide the vehicles for free and fair elections, but when challenges or issues arrise it's also their responsibility to ensure PUBLIC TRUST and TRANSPARENCY by maintaining property audit trails and preserved data and information for audit purposes from the state, federal or citizens. This is a serious breakdown in leadership in the Hamilton County Election Commission and no Best Practices Standard in running election, integrity, audit and transparency by handing off these legal obligations to other groups that DO NOT have any skin in the game (illegally). ALL LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FALLS ON THE ELECTION COMMISSION.

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