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Chattanooga Annexation Efforts Continue….

Reported by: Amy Katcher

Lawyers on both sides of the annexation debate can claim a small victory Wednesday tonight.

A settlement has been reached in the annexation of some Hixson locations.

The Ramsgate and West Point subdivisions,and a small portion of Big Ridge Road, will now be annexed into the city effective December 31st, 2013.     That means they won’t be on the city tax rolls until 2014.

Barry Abbot, attorney for the Hamilton County Residents Against Annexation explained, “We ultimately were able to reach a satisfactory date, which was really the main contention, at the point and time we were talking about settlement because it’s either they’re coming in or they’re not, and the settlement revolved around when they came in

Both sides’ attorneys and the judge have signed off. But now the City Council must approve the settlement. Abbott thinks it should be discussed during next week’s City Council meeting.

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