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Chattanooga Resident On Storm Water & Additional Fees

Storm Water Fees & Additional Fees From Chattanooga

A local Chattanooga resident sent this very informative information.

Chattanooga Resident: I was reading your website, the stormwater fees were increased from the amount shown. The annual fee is $105.00 for residential per year, but businesses pay $105 per each 3,200 sq ft of impervious area (ie parking lots, roof tops, etc). From this map , you take the ERU: Equivalent Residential Unit from a parcel and multiple times the $105 per unit to get the fee. Our Church has a $13,000 storwmater fee. The credit system is smoke and mirror. This fee applied to your private and public schools as well (call Gary Waters HCDE) ask what they pay in stormwater fee. In Chattanooga some churches and school have stormwater fees for $15,000 a year.

Also, you forgot to include the franchise fees collected from City residents from natural gas, comcast cable, electric, and public utilities bills, read the Chattanooga fee added on the bills. In March 2011, the City increased the amount collected on Natural Gas bills from $322,000 to $1.2 million. I wish your organization the best and much success.

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