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China, A Danger to Local Communities!

NEW WORLD! Most people live their lives and DO NOT understand the daily and active threats poised by China in our local communities. This includes A LOT of our legislature and elected leaders. They forget the US / World was just recently attacked by the largest bioweapon operation in recorded history (Covid).


- In the last few weeks, A Chinese BIO WEAPONS LAB was uncovered running out of an abandoned building in California where they had over 100 genetically modified mouse infected with STD infected Covid/Hepatitis strains weaponized. Did we mention it was 50 miles from a major military base.

How many of these labs are operating across the country?

How many are operating in TN?

- China has become the largest owner of US Farmland and recent reports Bill Gates (second largest land owner) has sold more of his interest to China ( proxy ). We in TN need to double down on farming / food production. We are exploding our areas with mouths to feed, but no one is looking at the critical infrastructure/state of emergency to feed the local population.

- TN passed a law this last year to prohibit farmland purchase to China however the bill is toothless. State Legislators, Secretary of State and AG need to wake up and realize they need to think/address national security and think of TN as a sovereign state to itself and go after China and the China Proxies operating inside the State of Tennessee. China has openly and publicly stated their intentions for our farmland but not its people with threats of BIO WEAPONS attacks to get rid of the population by maintain the land. See lab activities above.

- China purchased 70% of US Pork production via Smithfield Farms and related companies in North Carolina. Where is FTC, US Gov and NC state leaders forcing the sale for National Security issues.

- China was just caught funding 70% of Democrat's mothership ACT BLUE which launders the money to NGO and candidates across the US. James Okeefe uncovered this money laundering network. One of our TN investigative groups have uncovered it was done in EVERY COUNTY in Tennessee. The group is working to understand which NGOs/groups/campaigns benefited from this and to what extent in order to take it to the District Attorneys and State's Attorney General.

These groups would be classified as foreign agent of the Chinese Communist Party and not registered which could bring additional charges and most American's do not know about it.

- Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) sit on a 400MM endowment and their President is Chinese. Groups have reached out to the Alabama State AG to investigate the funding sources for this group. This group continues to work undermine American values/communities and fund activist NGO groups.

- BLM goes directly back to Chinese Communist Party via the San Fran based Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) which started the Black Futures Lab that wrote the BLM manifesto and trained their base. (

- China has cut off US Imports on West Coast for the last 12 Months, only flights have been bringing in goods. This can all be tracked by They are cutting off the supply chains to America.

- China has police stations running in America and FBI has raided a number of them here in the US, but not all are known. READ MORE

- China is pumping funding into US Public School programs ( more coming on this ). READ MORE - China has est 200K/300K troops in Central/South America and through Belt and Road initiatives 10 major deep water ports in South America that China fully controls and for any reason can take over the ports in their contracts, like bringing in military assets. Contacts in Costa Rica report China is training soldiers in the jungles of Costa Rica along the Panamanian border. Did you know the Belt And Road has 45,000 front shell companies as proxies for China?

Hmm, Panama Canal next door, no coincidence there. China's PLA also has ships placed off the coast of South America with Iranian Navy in disputed waters ( can't use Panama Canal, then hey go around, nope! ). These are all data points that need to be considered in local politics and national security.

Did you know 2 Chinese spies were recently captured at an Air Show outside Knoxville (hmm near Oak Ridge area)?

Do any of our leaders understand the clear and present danger of China in our communities?

What teeth/weapons are the legislature giving the state to go after Chinese interest?

Force sales, prosecutions?

Limiting Cities involvement in Sister City programs ( intelligence operations ) and much more?

- State Universities with Chinese nationals attending. HINT Every Chinese National in our State Universities had to get approval from the Chinese Communist Party to be here! Major research was stolen out of NC University by a Chinese intern spy.

Did they know Gov. Bill Lee in rated #2 top Gov in US as pro China? Why? is Lee part of Elite Capture, financial tied to China? Clueless? or another reason?

Did the know 20,000+ Chinese nationals have crossed the US Border in the last 6 months under Biden Administration and reports from the Darian gap most are military age men and/or teams of Chinese soldiers .

Can you say critical infrastructure targets, sleeper cells, etc.

It's time for a paradigm shift in thinking about China, our interest from local leadership. The largest producer of phytanoyl, known international money laundering for the cartels, massive human trafficker, bioweapons terrorist group (covid and others) and so much more are at our doorsteps and in our neighborhoods.

This is just a subset of research, but a lot of roads lead back to the Chinese Communist Party and their attempts to destabilize and control America and local communities.

What does it take to be considered an ENMY of the STATE by leadership?

Maybe they have to wear a MAGA shirt and be PRO America under current leadership?

Must watch RFK reporting on activities in NC. (CLICK TO WATCH)

China's push to control the food supply (CLICK TO READ)

BREAKING: China's Invasion Plans (CLICK TO WATCH)

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