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NGO Grift!

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

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Mayor Tim Kelly has another new GRIFT on the tax payers of Hamiton County. This new one is bussing in people from Atlanta and other places using "veterans" as the guise to hide their activities and human trafficking.

Investigators did a little digging based recent news reports. This is what reporters should be doing, not infomercialist.

The company referenced "Freedom Homestead" has NO Incorporation in TN or GA. The parent company "Frontline Response" is located in GA with NO corporation in TN and its IRS reporting fall under "Atlanta Dream Center" which claims to deal with human trafficking yet the site is defunct and redirects to Frontline Response. Is there not an explosion of human trafficking now under Biden administration and Atlanta Dream Center is not needed?

The report from WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News state "Chattanooga's $12-million 'Freedom Homestead' project to provide homes for homeless veterans" yet doing digging into their structure, IRS filings, etc. This doens't seem likely unless funds are coming from another source. What source?

Attached are supporting documents of the company, it's IRS filings which have not been filed since 2019 and shows a max of 1.2MM in assets. Looks like someone missed filings for 2020, 2021, 2022..

Mayor Tim Kelly where is the money coming from?

The investigation goes on to support more obfuscation in reporting, purpose, business itself with screen shots of it's street with no markings/etc. The founders LinkedIn page has him with different titles, but IRS and state of Georgia clearly show his relationship.

This appears to be one big giant GRIFT and trafficking of people into Chattanooga on the backs of TN/Hamilton County Tax Payers using Veterans as the vehicle to hide their activities.

We have seen NGO after NGO used for the same purposes.

If you think Chattanooga has a homeless VET problem you are SEVERLY WRONG!

Here is a statement/article from Andy Berke Feb 9, 2017 "Chattanooga Effectively Ends Veteran Homelessness" on WDEF News 12

Ok, someone is up to something. We have seen Tim Kelly's other ties to the WEF / UN / Ukraine the giant money launderer of Europe. Here we go again and groups are encouraged to peel this onion under a microscope and open records request, FOIA request on grants, emails, text messages, etc.

Evolving story..


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